Om Mig

1982 startade jag Manuell Medicin i Läkarhuset på Riddargatan 12 i Stockholm. Efter att jag specialiserat mig på akuta ryggproblem så öppnade jag 1985 Atlas Ryggakuten i samma lokaler. 1988 flyttade Atlas Ryggakuten till Roslagsgatan.

På senare tid har jag studerat frekvensbehandlingar hos Dr Sabine Rauch i Tyskland och Sverige samt Mark Waldman, hjärnforskare i Kalifornien. Nu arbetar jag tillsammans med chiropraktiker Lars-Magnus Wester på Gästrikegatan 15 i Stockholm. För er som orkar läsa mer på engelska finns här en del av mitt cv, som jag använde när jag blev antagen till neurocoach-ubildningen hos Mark Waldman.

My story:

My wife asks me why I always want to help people with their lives. The answer is simple: I´ve helped people with their health and lives for so long that I now feel that I´m constructed that way. For almost 40 years I´ve helped clients, companies and various institutions with pain problems, stress related issues and changing their lives for the better. I´ve taught classes in everything from manuell medicine to stress management, have coached my own clients and written a book about the effect of radiation on the body and mind. I consider myself very fortunate to lead the life that I lead.

It started with a back injury. As a 7-year-old boy I climbed up into a tree to pick a Magpie egg, fell seven meters and injured my back. I was on the ground, shocked when a nurse who was picking flowers in a nearby meadow, heard my cries for help and picked me up in her arms. My Dad came in his Volvo and drove me to the hospital. (He actually crashed the car on the way to the hospital because he was so anxious). They couldn´t help me. So, I healed myself.

I´m a certificated Doctor of Naprapathy, legitimized in Sweden. I’ve also trained as a Chiropractor and oriental Acupuncturist and have various educations in the Healing Arts. I am training as a Neuro Coach.  I help people every day to overcome their physical and mental problems and difficulties in life. 

I built and ran one of the top clinics in central Stockholm for 15 years with clients from all over the world. I was the main specialist for the Internationally renowned ballet company ”Cullberg” for 20 years and took care of worldwide top business executives and Artists.

In my clinical work I use mainly Acupuncture and Manual medicine to correct the energy system in the  body. I diagnose with a holistic approach based on Oriental Medicine and Philosophy and work with all kinds of physical Injuries as well as mental and emotional problems. I often send my clients to various courses in Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Healing and Qigong. Sometimes I teach them myself. 

I started meditating in 1967 when I met The Beatles and Maharishi, the founder of TM, in Sweden. They found a nearby Summer hotel that was closed for the season and us kids heard about it. They caught us sneaking around inside the hotel and didn´t know  what to do with us, so the gave us a meditation class the following day. I studied Scientology in Sweden for a couple of years.  I also studied Rolfing and Body Harmony and taught different techniques in Swedish Institutes of Manual Medicine like Axelson´s gymnastiska Institut.

Some of the great teachers that I´ve trained Qigong for are: Dr. Wu, Chinese Army General and founder of the Red Cross Hospital in Beijing and Dr. Chen Yong Fa, one of Buddha Dharma´s relatives. (The founder of Zen Buddhism). I regularly study Esoteric literature with my friends.and  Vedanta under my yoga teacher Sree Kumar in India and take courses at the Stockholm Shambala Center. I´m currently studying longevity and how to stimulate the circulation in the glands in the brain to keep it vital and change the stem cells in the body.